New Bohemian.

no gods, no masters, no idols.

Daydreaming is a portal to the good life

Have you ever watched a cat sit idle, their eyes slowly opening and closing, peering out an open window at the trees and birds below? In those moments they possess a seeming tranquility most of us can only aspire toward.

Our society questions and berates the idle person. We criminalize those who dare to sit still and look at the sky, labeling them loiterers or vagrants should they not sit still in the sanctioned manner. And we feel like there’s something wrong with simply sitting and observing with no intention other than to discover the hidden treasures of the moment.

I, for one, am one of those rebellious daydreamers. I proudly and unabashedly sit idly, staring into space, allowing the wonders and glory of the present moment to enter my soul. There is infinity contained within each moment and we’re so distracted by the bourgeois trap that we’re unable to witness even a sliver of it.

It might not seem like it at first, but daydreaming is a bona fide art and a revolutionary act. It is the reclaimation of our time and attention from those who wish to subvert it to their own gain. The better part of our waking lives is spent in the avoidance of perceived danger or the pursuit of perceived security. The daydream represents a safe refuge from these impulses—a space unto which there is nothing to be sought, nothing to be gained, and nothing to be lost.

To begin your liberation, find a place to sit. This could be someplace private, such as on your sofa or bed, but for maximum effect, sit someplace where people are busy consuming unnecessarily. Inside a shopping mall or close to a street filled with high-end boutiques and restaurants are both great choices. It’s optional, but bringing a beverage of your choice from home can enliven the experience. Sit comfortably and focus on a point in space. Notice carefully the sights, sounds, and smells which surround you. Pass no judgment of them and smile knowing that, for these moments, you’re in your own little world.

Sip your beverage. Allow the mind to wander. What comes up? Fight the urge to look at your phone. Smile. This is it. This is life itself. You’re already enough. Don’t you see?