New Bohemian.

no gods, no masters, no idols.

Walk your own path

NEW BOHEMIAN is a community of ex-hustlers and reformed bourgeois pretenders looking for merriment and fulfillment in a world gone mad.

Although Bohemia is actually a region in present-day Czechia, the term bohemia has come to mean a set of values and a lifestyle which rejects the bourgeois ideals of wealth accumulation, conspicuous consumption, and arbitrary social protocols, instead favoring contemplation, apprecation, creativity, and rich experience.

We believe American society has become far too materialistic and has lost its contemplative and artistic roots. The commodification of art, philosophy, and culture in the form of social media “influncers”, expensive coaching seminars, and bourgeois art exhibitions has eroded everyday people’s impression of themselves as creative, whole people all on their own.

We seek to demonstrate that the good life is actually a humble one: The most divine of our experiences are often those that cost very little. By embodying the teachings and behaviors of the great bohemians of history, like Epicurus, Kerouac, Wilde, and others, we can reframe our conception of success and failure, and recognize that a psychologically rich life affords us far more inner peace than a materially rich one.

Editor in chief: Teejay VanSlyke